ZACI Instructor Extraordinaire


RYT 200 



Dixie State College
Associate of Arts Degree
Taylor Andrews 


My dharma, my true north, my pride and joy

​​Jennie moved to Southern Utah in 1991. She married her high school sweetheart in 1997 and 13 years later they were blessed with twin boys. In 2019, Jennie and her husband were pleasantly surprised with a baby girl. Jennie’s family is her pride and joy. “The job I was meant to do”.

Jennie worked in the salon industry for 12 years before leaving to raise her twins. While raising her children, she discovered that she loves baking, reading personal growth books, gardening and working on home improvement projects.

Jennie began a dedicated yoga practice in February of 2016. She instantly fell in love with yoga and knew she wanted to complete the yoga teacher training program. She set a goal to practice consistently for one year before inquiring about ZACI’s yoga teacher training program. After two years of dedicated practice, a teaching training course opened up that worked perfectly for her and her family and everything else fell into place. Jennie desired to go through a yoga training program to deepen her personal practice and to further her knowledge and understanding of the yogic philosophy.  She didn’t expect to fall in love with teaching yoga in the same way she had fallen in love with the practice of yoga. Through yoga, she has found a whole new way to share her love and encourages her circle of friends and family to explore the transformational impact of a yoga practice. Teaching yoga gives Jennie the opportunity to not only deepen her own personal practice but to help others develop and expand theirs as well. She loves the yoga community and the support they give her in her yoga practice and personal expansion.

“Being a part of the ZACI yoga community has been a wonderful privilege. Loving and connecting with all the people that have come to ZACI has helped me grow in so many ways and brings so much positive energy to my life.”