ZACI Instructor Extraordinaire


RYT 500


BS-Communication, Emphasis in

Organizational Leadership


Live life to the fullest

The beautiful state of Utah beckoned Donna from a young age and stole her away from her deeply rooted California ancestry. As a self-acclaimed ‘Blissologist’ it was only a matter of time before her life’s journey led her down a path to yoga and a discovery of barre. “One summer night in a dear friend’s kitchen, music pumping loud, hours of sharing chocolate, dreams and yoga, with one hand on our hip and the other on the island ‘bar’, that’s when the magic happened.” Once that connection was made, at that very moment, Donnas’ love affair with yogabarre began and there was only one thing she could do. (Well two.) 

Donna quickly registered for instruction and gained her yoga wisdom from her soul-friend and guru, Paula Temple, at Zion Academy of Certified Instruction (ZACI) and certified as RYT 200, now registered with the Yoga Alliance. Together Paula and Donna made YogaBarre a reality in St George, finally planting their roots in their current studio home on bluff street in December of 2013, ZACI YogaBarre.

Her positive contagious energy inspires her students to cultivate a yoga practice that is personal and nourishing while continuing to explore their edge. Her relaxed vibe allows one to listen to their inner-coach, learning to accept their current progress from a place of gratitude. She believes the body, mind and spirit have profound inner intelligence that un-locks during yoga practice. This brings us closer to self-awareness and an understanding that ultimately reveals our true core…pure love.

​Donna’s classes are guaranteed to be sweaty, challenging and completely accessible.Intelligently blending an Iyenger based Hatha Yoga with Barre, paired with clear verbal and visual execution of the body’s foundation and healthy alignment; always carving out time to spoil the entire body with delicious stretching and a deep magical plunge into savasana.

​“I believe life is about evolution and movement and how we respond.  To open this studio with someone I trust implicitly, whose heart is without measure, someone who continues to teach, challenge and inspire me is my greatest dream come true! This is now my path that I commit to with sincere gratitude and integrity.  Come exactly as you are, join us on your mat…we welcome you with open arms and hearts to the ZACI experience.”

​ Donna has three beautiful children she adores who have swiftly moved from adolescence into adulthood that each possess the ability to teach and inspire her daily. They along with her trusted circle of friends keep her young, full of zest for life and always open to the next adventure. Her favorite quote: “Today is a gift…open it!”